Argos "My Christmas Wishlist"

This was a collaborative project with Argos, involving developers and artists from our company working alongside designers from Argos to create an app that would allow kids to explore the argos catalogue in an interesting and engaging way, allowing them to build a whishlist of toys they are interested in.

The app would the allow the kids to arrange the toys they chose and add their own drawings in a custom drawing page we created, which could then be sent to santa (the data was actually sent to the parents, with the products arranged in an easy to read list along with the drawing their child had created).

The app featured a set of 5 custom animated 3D characters, or which the child could chose one to "help" them with the app experience, as well as the ability to take a photo and set their name to personalise the experience.

I was one of two programmers on this project and was involved in all the way from the initial design process, through to the final release.

The app was released on both iOS and Android and can be found at:

Technical Challenges

Because of the inclusion of the 3D characters and the completely custom designed user interface, we chose Unity3D as the platform. This also allowed the app to be easily deployed for both iOS and Android.

The main section of this app was the product browsing page, including an list capapble of scrolling through large amounts of products and categories as well as being able to view details of the products.

Since there are quite a few screens that are UI heavy, and this is not exactly one of Unitys strengths, I was given the task of creating a databinding system that would work within the editor. This allowed data to be defined in "view models" in the code, then easily bound to UI elements using the editor. This was very successful and allowed new, data heavy, screens to be created much more quickly and efficiently, removing the need to have a lot of unnecessary scripts created just for setting values in UI.

I was also responsible for the integration of the 3D characters, working closely with the artists and animators, as well as implementing most of the UI on the screens. A lot of time was put into making the app as memory efficient as possible, since a large amount of images were required at all times and loading times needed to be kept as low as possible to keep the interest of the children.

I also helped create the custom drawing tool, which went through many iterations and optimisations to get it feeling nice and working well.

The main product browsing screen.

Customisation options, involving the characters.

The drawing screen that allows the child to customize their letter to "santa" with drawings and stickers.