Group Project: The Amazing Adventures of Pierre Le Guy

This project was a group project at university, involving a team of 11 people working together to create a game of our choosing. The tools and platform we decided on for this project was the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) which is available free from Epic, and allows use of the Unreal Engine 3 and the development tools that go with it. We decided on this platform as the majority of the group had experience using UDK and this allowed us to make the most of their skills.

Although none of the 3 programmers on this project had much experience using the UDK or its UnrealScript language, there are many similarities to C++ and Java, languages which we had experience with, so there was no problems getting started programming with UnrealScript.

The game is a 2.5D platformer, where the main character is a french master thief armed with a grappling hook, who has to navigate various stage, avoiding traps and taking advantage of the functionality of the grappling hook to complete his adventure.

My part in the development of this game involved the camera and the user controls, but I had a part in helping with various other programming parts of the game when necessary. I made the camera system with parameters so it could be controlled by the artists using the editor, allowing zooming and locking of the camera to help display puzzles and obstacles to the player.

The game features collectible coins which can be collected over multiple runs, and which coins have been collected will be saved. It also features a timer so you can tell how long it took you to complete a level, and a high score is saved, allowing for competition between players.

There are 4 levels in total -

Deadly Dungeons Level:


Courtyard Level:


Path to the Tower Level:


Mackenhoff's Tower Level:


The high score and timing system displays the time you took to complete a level, along with the previous high score and the amount of coins collected on that level. This is displayed at the end of each level.

Level time and high score system:


The level select screen allows the player to choose the level to play, as well as showing them the high scores they need to beat and how many coins they have left to collect.

Level Select Screen:


There are acheivements for things like collecting all the coins on a level, beating certain times and finding secret rooms, with notifications telling the player when an acheivement is unlocked and a menu on the title screen showing the details of all acheivements.

Secret rooms and acheivement notifications:


Acheivment List:


Overall, this project was an interesting experience and gave me a good insight into working in a team on a large project, and with working with people from other aspects of game development, making this an interesting and challenging experience.