Penalty Hero

This project originally began as a turn based multiplayer game for integration into a skill based gambling platform, but after the platform fell through we decided to adapt it into a single player game that could be released in the iOS app store.

During the initial stages of this project I was responsible for implementing some of the game mechanics, as well as the game flow, UI and creating a crowd that moved and cheered in reaction to the player. Later on when developing the standalone version I mostly worked on the flow of the campaign mode, the menus, improving the various challenge modes and general game balance.

The project was created in Unity3D, with C# and using NGUI for the UI.

The game featured a reasonable length campaign mode, with 5 different challenge modes each with a unique mechanic to keep the game interesting, as well as an "endless" mode where players could compete to get the highest score.

The game was released on iPad and can be found on the app store: Link 

"Endless Goals" mode.

"Campaign" mode with interactive 3D menus.

An example of one of the challenge modes. Hit the hilighted sections without missing too many shots.

Another example of a challenge mode. Hit the targets and gain the required points within the shot limit.