Dan Busters / Project Delivery

This was the product of a two day hackathon at work, in a team with one other programmer and a bunch of artists. It was created in Unity3D with UI made with NGUI.

The game is a WW2 themed top down shooter, with a choice of planes to use and multiple enemies to fight, featuring an animated avatar of our friend Dan as the courageous pilot fighting for his country. It features a control scheme that can be used both with touch interfaces and with mouse and keyboard.

This game was then reskinned and adapted into a small christmas themed minigame released on our company website and on the android app store named "Project Delivery" where you play as Santa delivering presents in your sleigh.

The games can be found and played at:

Dan Busters - Web
Project Delivery - Web
Project Delivery - Android

Dan Busters - Title Screen

Dan Busters - Main gameplay

Dan Busters - Explosions!

Some of the plane skins made for Dan Busters

Project Delivery - Title Screen

Project Delivery - Gameplay